Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Parkinson's from an Energetic Place

I have been practicing yoga since my dad got me a $.25 book at a book fair. He got it to assist me on healing my asthma. It has "healed" allowing me to get off all my steroids, medications, and minimize the wheezing when running.

Now we are at a point where dad needs to get into yoga and deep breathing. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's several months ago and I have been on a mission to see what I can do as a yogini. Parkinson's effects the auto immune system. Currently no scientist or doctor knows what causes Parkinson's and the symptoms are different per each individual. I see this in our Dance for Parkinson's sponsored by Mark Morris class on the 3rd Friday of each month. Each person is effected differently or has different complaints, so as a daughter, trying to empathize with what my dad is going through is difficult because I ask people and everyone says different things; different aches and pains, side effects, different ways of coping, and how many years they have had it. 

After many weeks of doing online research which had many words but didn't say much, I reached out to a taro card reader. She is an intuitive as well, so she deciphers what the cards say with intuition and a deep understanding of what the spirits say. For those of you not into energy work, please don't be riled. When one meditates, there is a space which causes a deep understanding from within. This is the spirit that I am referring too, and with this inner wisdom exposed I can understand and decide much easier than before I meditated. During my session I asked the cards, where does PD come from? And the session focused around control, not being able to let go, not having faith, and having fear.

I know I am stepping out on limb here as many people, especially those with PD, get angry that I am addressing this topic regarding their physical alignment of health from a taro card reading but as western science doesn't know any more than this, really, I might as well try other information that has helped me before. The cards showed how one needs to have outlets to express the voice, their sexuality, their artistic side, and be able to have a sense of freedom. Also there a stong hold with the emotion fear. The cards also addressed the sense of faith and having hope.

These findings are interesting. Apana vayu is the wind that allows us to eliminate, to let go. Its home is the pelvis the place of our 1st charkra. The chakras, the 7 main energy wheels of the body along the spine, we the muladhara chakra. This is the pelvic floor, our container floor. If this area is strong we tend to feel supported, strong and rooted. Udana vayu, is the wind of the throat area but is goverened by the muladhara chakra. In other words, we have the throat area goverened by our base or the area that allows us to feel support. In PD, a common occurrence is people loosing their voice. This first chakra area can be strongly effected by a trama that makes us feel unsupported such as: a parent dying unexpectedly, a lose of a grandparent, sexual abuse, a car accident, being in the middle of tornado, etc. Tramas are different for different people, a trama to one may not effect another, it is how the person perceived it.

There are over 1 million people in the United States that have PD, often it is in people over the age of 50. Many of who have had to hide emotions and their feelings because of their sex, or the family they were a part of, or let go of hopes and dreams because of money issues. For example, men have not been able to cry or be sad. They need to be strong, to "be like a man" but has this created a large group of people with PD? This disease does effect men more than woman. Also, the more we look into it, the more we are seeing that this can happen to people much younger. Why is this? How can someone in their thirties have a disease that kills brains cells that make dopamine.  Many sites I have read says it is in the genes, is it really? Or is it because we pick up the emotional traits of our family? We observe and we copy, many times we do not ask why our parents do something, why they say something, why they act a certain way. We go with the flow. We copy.

Part of the practice of Yoga is asking why and observing. Letting go of personal and family passed down habits to better understand the self, the true Self or the Atman which is always inside of us but rarely heard. With my dad having PD, it has made me observe. I look, act, talk, walk just like my father and I want to learn more about this to assist others. Even if I get this when I am 70, I want to know more than my father did, I want to be used by science to understand a bit more about this disease that we know very little about. I hope that you will give me ideas, feedback and continue to learn about this disease of PD.

God Bless you,
Owner of BambooMoves

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