Saturday, March 1, 2014

Do what you need, call it what you want but allow yourself to feel good and happy

A friend of mine has changed his desk 10 years ago due to his lower back problems. He refuses to do yoga but as I asked him why he finds standing for 10 hours a day helps him, he responded with a surprising answer of, "I get to stretch and keep my back long through out the day. When I sat, I would have such poor posture and I felt how it tightened my hips. Now I sway and stretch the whole day."

This is the yoga asana at its best, the ability to open the body and create space. We can create space through many ways when doing asana: breathing into a certain part of the body, bringing energy by focusing on the part of the body, and actually moving the body to stretch and lengthen. By using the asanas to stretch and open the body we get to let go of our attachments to emotions to memories and with the stuff gone we no longer need we have room for God to reside within us. The breath that we have in our yoga practices is the place of connection to the mind, body, and Devine. Therefore do the changes you need to feel good and call it what you want so there is space in the body and a way to connect to that higher self. If we stay in pain by eating unhealthy or have poor physical alignment habits, or get lost in negative thinking than here is now place for us to rise to that higher self. Its winter now, its cold, take this time to go inward, start cleaning house and setting some attainable goals to let go of pain and negativity and bring in healthy, feeling good and happiness.

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