Friday, November 1, 2013

November Tips of Balance

As the holiday known for over eating and not enough sleep draws near, it is important to remember that when the body is in balance we feel more energetic and vibrant. It is easy to feel out of sorts when we are not eating healthy or getting adequate amounts of sleep! Even though we get excited with the celebration of gratitude and overindulgence (pie!!!!), we can commit to keeping  a personal vow to keep the body, mind, and soul in  balance while still enjoying friends, family, and well deserved time off!

1.     Try taking 5 ‘pit stops’ a day for 2 minutes to practice Diaphragmatic Breath. It helps release more carbon dioxide (toxins) from the body and brings more energizing oxygen into the lungs. As you inhale, feel the breath go into the belly. Allow the belly to fill up and balloon out. Slowly start to exhale until you feel that you have emptied out completely, and then repeat. This helps the body feel more invigorated as the energy will come from within and hopefully curb the feeling that we need a boost from extra sugars!
2.     Bring a dish to Thanksgiving dinner that is made from whole foods. Whole food just means that it is less processed and closer to its natural state, as it was harvested from the earth. Look at the recipes that you traditionally cook, and get creative! See how many ingredients can be bought at a Farmer’s Market, like the one right here in Forest Hills! In the Scholten household a traditional dish is green bean casserole. This can be made with frozen or Green Market green beans, homemade mushroom sauce, and caramelized yellow onions. This replaces much of the canned or over processed foods that can be difficult for the body to digest, and often cause us to feel overly full, and tired after we finish eating. Trading ingredients can become an easy habit to carry over into everyday meals. Don’t wait for New Year’s to set a resolution- start in November!
3.     Making time for an activity that is stress-relieving helps the body release the stiffness from the day, prepare the mind for an upcoming event or keep focused while planning a huge family gathering. Starting a yoga practice is an incredible way to stretch the body, strengthen muscles, create space with the breath, and leave the body feeling more energized! Poses like twists can stimulate the vital organs, helping them revive and work more efficiently. After eating way more than normal (more pie!!!!), twisting awakens the digestive system, ensuring that those extra calories will be worked out instead of being stored in our belly. We will feel less sluggish so we can focus on spending time with our family and friends during our holiday break! Yoga is an activity that you can do whenever your energy is low. Taking a simple gentle yoga or beginner class can bring awareness back into the mind, body, and breath, allowing the body to work more efficiently, and keeping energy levels sustained.
There are times when we feel like we need to be energy junkies, but taking in more caffeine and sugar overtime our energy will actually deplete our energy faster. Our energy will come in short bursts, leaving us feeling even more exhausted! By building up steady levels of energy we actually build up the body, and it’s immune system, which will keep us on the road of health!
So during this Thanksgiving feel free to bring the family by BambooMoves to try out our All-level yoga special holiday class! Or stop in after Thanksgiving to see how our schedule can work for you.

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