Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Love Yoga

I love yoga
I love anusara because it helps me to open my heart physically and spiritually to the world
I love iyengar because I never know where to put my foot and I need to learn to feel my body internally
I love vinyasa because it gets me from my head to my breath and natural rhythms
I love power yoga because I never think of myself as strong yet, somehow, I always survive class
I love ashtanga because with some dedication and perseverance you can accomplish something amazing
I love bikram because learning not to react takes about 105 degrees and a hope that it will be all right in the end
I love hot yoga because sometimes bikram is too much and anything less in not enough
I love hatha because the body should be connected to the breathe and a lot of times I forget how
I love gentle yoga because moving fast is not always necessary, but healing is
I love yin yoga because it reminds me that my joints are just as important as my muscles and organs
I love restorative because my nervous system needs a break too
I love yoga because my body is many parts with many needs and somehow all are met on one the mat

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