Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Keep the Summer Energy

As the summer draws to a close, it is important to remember how much energy and vibrancy we felt through the long months with of ample sunlight. As school starts, we begin to dip our heads with anticipation of the upcoming busy schedules and colder weather. But this year, take a vow to keep this amazing summer energy all year round by implementing just a few schedule changes and health tips.

1.     Remember to take 5 pit stops a day for 2 minutes to focus the mind on your breath. Feel the breath go into the belly-the belly extends out while the diaphragm is activated making it a diaphragmatic breath, a breath that releases more carbon dioxide (toxins) and brings in more oxygen (energy).
2.     Eat more whole foods-foods less processed and closer to those which come from the earth. We are all energy junkies, but eating more sugar and drinking more caffeine actually depletes much of this energy over a long period of time and substitutes it with surges or spurts, rather than building up the energy we had during the summer. Building up antibodies strengthen the immune system which keeps the body on the road of health. An example of a cold or raw lunch would be salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, goat cheese and crumbled walnuts. If you are in the mood for something warmer make a large pot of soup. Start with vegetable broth, cut up your favorite veggies from the Green Market by the post office on Sundays, and you can take that with you to work or have it ready at night for dinner. Then if you would like to add a protein, make a fillet of fish that can cook up in 10 minutes. For a vegetarian protein option add some extra liquid and lentils to the soup while it warms up, cooking in about 20 mins.
3.     Having a yoga practice or time for an activity that is stress releasing, helps the body to stretch out the stiffness of the day. It connects the breath and movement to create more space for more oxygen to reside within the body, once again leaving the body with more energy. Plus, twisting the body gets into our vital organs and revives them so they work more efficiently and use less energy, so we have more energy to spend with family, friends or doing our hobbies (other activities that feed our souls). Yoga is an activity that you can do even on days when your energy is low. You can do a simple gentle yoga class or a level 1 to move, bringing awareness back to the mind, body, and breath, allowing the body to work efficiently, keeping the energy level sustained.

This fall as children’s schedules start to fill up, work becomes overwhelming, and finding YOU time seems increasingly difficult, come to BambooMoves to see how our class schedule can work for you. Take advantage of the opportunity to receive energy rather than give it away. Keep that summer glow year round, from the inside out.


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