Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thoughts after Prenatal Yoga

As I sat surrounded by beautiful pregnant women at the end of our prenatal yoga class, palms pressed together just when we were about to close with Namaste I had a realization that really touched me.

Namaste is a sanskrit word has been used at the beginning and closing of yoga classes for centuries and even still as a greeting amongst Indians and yogi's alike. My favorite translation of that word is 'The light is me in honored by the light in you'. I use it all the time at the end of my classes to remind students that we are connected on a deeper level- through our practice of yoga.

My husband, who is hispanic, once told me that when a women is about to give birth it is called, "dar la luz" which literally translates 'to give light'. I always thought that was so beautiful. As I sat in prenatal class with these women that were sharing this amazing energy I was really honored to be in their presence and to connect with them through our practice together, but before I voiced that with the closing of Namaste I realized that they weren't just one light, but two. Two lights sharing one body for just a short while and then sharing a lifetime together.

This filled me with such an immense awe in my mind and warmth in my spirit. Creating life may be one of the most miraculous, most important things that can happen to a woman. The connection between mother and baby is so powerful.

So as we ended our class we said Namaste, and added The light in me is honored by the light in you, and the light you are giving to the world.

Love and Light.

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