Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rewards Program that You'll Love....

Because we LOVE our Students!!!!

As BambooMoves continues to grow we want to thank each and everyone of our students for being apart of our community! By teaming up with Perksville we can show you guys how much we appreciate you sticking with us by creating a rewards program that gives back! Everyyou attend class you earn points that can be used toward other BamboMoves services:

500 pts. Free Month Mat Storage Rental
650 pts. Free BambooMoves T-shirt
750 pts. Free $35 Workshop
1000 pts. Free Private Session

To start earning point today create a BambooMoves account here:

If you already have a BambooMoves account head here to create your Perksville account that will automatically link to BambooMoves:

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