Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughts from My First Yoga Steps

When I first thought about yoga I thought the prerequisite was this:

and I thought I couldn't even think about trying a yoga class until I could do this:
and the super bendy yoga people would ask me to leave if I couldn't do this:

So I'm happy to say that on all three counts I was wrong. No one starts at any place, but the beginning. Even the super advanced students thought they would never be able to do the poses that now they make look almost effortless!

I used to say that I was too stiff to practice yoga- I couldn't even touch my shins, let alone my toes! It It took some time and patience (about 10 years worth), and now I can place my palms of the floor. Just last week after her first ever yoga class a student said to me, "Well, it's easy for you cause you're really flexible!" I almost burst out laughing. At what point did I go from being the stiff, frustrated person in the back row dying for savasana to the "really flexible" one? I really couldn't even recap the moment when that transition happened. I don't if I will learn to think of myself as the "really flexible" one, but I've learned to change my mind about a few things before.

But for the time being I can tell you three things that are still true:

  1. I still die for savasana
  2. I still can't do any of the postures in the pictures
  3. There will always be a pose I think I'll never be able to do that, despite all my doubt, and skepticism, I one day may be able to do also...

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