Thursday, April 4, 2013

Elephants and Ants

from the shoulder
of the 
who becomes
to the


Elephants have immense strength and power that is emphasized by their enormous size affording them respect and honor in many cultures. Ants are creatures that have immense strength and also incredible determination, yet they seem to be overlooked because well, they are puny, tiny, beneath, specks, pests, bugs, insignificant, etc.  

As a yogi I like to think that I show respect and compassion to all that I meet, but also know that as a human being with human tendencies that may not always be the case. It is easy to respect the authority of my yoga teacher, but sometimes I need to remind myself to find that same respect to the student next to me that is breathing loudly or keeps stepping on my mat or forgets to turn off their phone, etc. There are probably other aspects of my life that I may look through people because they don't register on my radar.

How beautiful the world would be if we could all develop the ability to really see others instead of dismissing them as unimportant just because we are caught up with thinking elephant sized!

This an other poems found in the wonderful "Mala of the Heart" available at BambooMoves

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