Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello New Bamboomoves Teacher Trainers!

It has officially begun. Over the next three months our wonderful teacher trainees will be getting an in-depth perspective of living the yogi lifestyle. As I asked them what was going though their minds on this very first day of teacher training the word used most often was excitement. They all seemed to know that some how this experience would be life changing. One student said that she has been making break throughs in her yoga practice over the past few months and was looking forward to having a guide to help her make sense of it. Some students admitted that they had already delved into their required reading books because they were so fired up for the journey to begin.

One student summed it all up by stating, "Now that I have experienced the first day, it makes me excited for the rest of it!"

Good luck trainees! Can't wait to take your class!

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