Thursday, January 17, 2013

Give Up and Receive

"Yoga means yoke, or union, with the spirit. Some people think 'I'm in this pose so I've achieved godliness'. They're not even doing yoga yet. Unless you have surrendered to the Lord, or to the Divine Spirit, or to whomever you call God, you're only doing something for yourself. To find that union you must surrender."
                                  -Sri Dharma in Asana: 608 Yoga Poses

Sue says that the way we treat yoga poses are similar to the ways that we handle the challenges of life. Sometimes we get so focused on "getting the pose" that we get frustrated, force it to happen, and up injuring ourselves ( just wrecked my body...). We may be that student that has been practicing yoga diligently for years but is terrified to leave the Level 1 class that we have become so comfortable in. Opposite to that is the beginner student that only takes advanced classes. There is also the student that comes late to class to avoid the opening meditation and leaves early because "I can't sit still in savasana for that long!"

What do these things tell us about how we handle everyday issues?

Yoga is the way we can reconnect with the self. It is a way we can learn about our selves on a deeper level then just I'm a libra, my favorite color is blue, and I enjoy long walks on the beach. We are more complicated then that, more than we may even realize! The stillness that we create as we move through asana, breathe during pranayama, and find that final resting place are glimpses into that self. It removes all the distraction so we can focus on reflection and absorption.

The next time you are in that challenging pose just take a moment, breath deeply, let go, surrender. See how this changes the practice. Notice if there is any change in your attitude toward your practice. Maybe see how difficult it would be to exist in the exact place we are in that moment. Don't bully through or hold back.

Just surrender and find out what you may receive instead.

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