Monday, November 26, 2012

Meet the Instructor- Neelu Kaur Gulri

In December, Neelu's current Level 2-3 class at 7:30-8:40 will change to a Level 2. Ms. Gulri has much knowledge to offer and I hope you can take advantage of this new class. Peace be with you. 

Q: Where were you born?   
A: I was born in New Delhi, India.  My family is from Amritsar, Punjab in North India. My folks struggled financially in Delhi and they decided to follow one of my uncles to the US in the hopes of providing a better life for me and my brother.

Q: Do you have siblings?  
A:  I have an older brother.  He is married with two beautiful daughters.  My niece’s names are Nyah Kaur (10) and Sofia Kaur (4). 
In Sikhism, all women have ‘Kaur’ as their middle name and all men have ‘Singh’ as their middle name.  Hence, Neelu Kaur.

Q: Any unique traits your family has you would like to share?   
A: My family and I are Sikh.  I grew up in a very religious home.  It was only when I left home for college that I realized that I had many unanswered questions and began to explore living a more spiritually inclined life verses a religious dogmatic life. 

Q: Do you live in Forest Hills?  
A: YES! I love Forest Hills.  My love affair with Forest Hills is very interesting.  After completing my undergraduate degree at NYU, I realized that I could no longer live in dorms and afford the city.  One of my friends introduced me to Forest Hills.  I lived in a tiny little space that was blocked off in a living room with 2 other girls.  It was a shock coming from the city and at the tender age of 23, I really missed the city.  After a couple of years of living in forest hills and with a new job, I moved back to the city.  As I was packing my things and putting them into a moving truck, I had this thought, ‘I’m not done here.’  I knew somehow I would make it back to Forest Hills.  A few years later, I moved back to Forest Hills and commuted to Columbia University from Forest Hills to complete my Masters degree.  I am now on my 3rd apartment in Forest Hills and have no plans on leaving any time soon!:)

Q: What do you love about this neighborhood?
A: I love the diversity of the neighborhood.  Forest Hills is like the UN.  We have every race and religion represented.  Fo Hi’ers are friendly with interesting personalities!:)  It is the best of both worlds - living in NYC with a close-knit community.  In my mind, it just does not get any better.  I also love the fact that I am so close to Jackson Heights, which is where I go to do all of my Indian grocery shopping.

Q: Why did you get into practicing yoga and then becoming a teacher? 
A:  In 2004, I went through a tumultuous time with my family.  I stumbled upon Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living.  From there the haze was lifted.  I had so many unanswered questions and I felt that I received answers and unconditional love from the Art of Living community.  From then on, I focused on living a spiritually aligned life.  I began the Art of Living Pranayam and meditation practice.  I immersed myself in spiritual texts.  Various books and authors really resonated with me during those times such as Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Brian Weiss, Gary Zukav (just to name a few).  In 2008, I found BambooMoves, which became my home away from home.  Since my teacher training at BambooMoves, I have gone on to complete Dharma Yoga, Prenatal, Restorative, Rocket Training.  I just completed a year-long Ayurveda Nutritional Counseling program.  I am so very excited to incorporate Ayurveda into my daily life and into my own yoga practice. 
Q: What's your favorite aspect about being a teacher?
A:  I love to learn and to share information.  I consider myself a life-long student and teacher of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga.  My calling and purpose in life is to teach and spread the beauty of Ayurveda and Yoga.  . 

Q: Any secrets about yourself you want to share? 
A: Hmm…secrets…J…lets see…I chant the Dharma Mittra purification mantra in the shower 3 times!:)
Q: Why do you choose to be at BambooMoves? What do you love about the place? 
A: Where do I begin?  BambooMoves holds a special place in my heart.  With all the changes, the one thing that has remained intact for me is the community.  I have met so many wonderful people through the studio.  I love BambooMoves so much that I dream about different ideas to implement at the studio!:)  When I walk into the lobby, I feel a loving warm energy that gives me a bear hug.

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