Thursday, May 24, 2012

Juice Diary by Sue E.

Pre-Juice Cleanse:
Let me begin by telling you that I really do consider myself to be a very yogic person in terms of how I try to live my life. But I must admit, there is one area, in particular, where I tend to consistently fall short and that is my diet. I do eat healthy, for the most part, but I also don't hesitate to eat less healthy foods. Basically, I subscribe to the notion that everything in moderation is okay. So, needless to say, at our last staff meeting, when Suzanne brought up the notion of us all participating in the juice cleanse, I was not terribly excited. I hoped she wouldn't notice me (which was very unlikely, since there were only five of us present), and after asking if it was mandatory (and finding out that it was not), I suddenly decided, why not, this might actually be good for me! It sounded like a really neat opportunity to take my body on a little healthy adventure. Yes, I am nervous, especially about how hungry I will be and how I will handle my cravings for chocolate, but I am also very curious to see how my body responds and if I will notice a difference in my body afterwards. So now I am actually looking forward to it, albeit in an anxious sort of way. Stay tuned...
Juice Cleanse Day: 
9:00 am: I came back from my morning swim feeling pretty hungry, but made it over to Bamboo and quickly grabbed my first juice. I am not much of a juice drinker and if I do drink juice it is usually the sweeter fruit juices, so I was a little apprehensive about starting with one made from spinach and cucumber. It was definitely a little hard to get down at first (it is a little bit like drinking a freshly mowed lawn), but I quickly realized that sipping it like a glass of wine was not the way to go and decided to gulp it down more quickly instead. So far, so good. It has definitely succeeded in taking my appetite away, and I am feeling fine. Looking forward to the next juice, which is a little fruitier... 

12:30 pm: Ah, yes, "Pretty in Pink" was much more palatable, as I expected, than "Field of Greens". I am amazed at how well the juices seem to be keeping my appetite at bay--I am really not very hungry, nor I am feeling sluggish or tired from not eating. 
5:00 pm: Two more down and only two to go. I would love to tell you that I enjoyed "Field of Greens" more the second time, but that would be a lie. Still, remembering how healthy it is for me helps it go down a little easier. What did not help though, was that all of the neighborhood gardeners seemed to be out on my way home, and all I could smell was freshly mowed grass (a smell I usually like, but not today!).
8:00 pm: I have successfully completed my cleanse. True, it was only for one day (I think Suzanne made this concession after seeing the panicked look on my face when she mentioned 2 or 3 days). Mission accomplished!
Post-Juice Cleanse:
8:00 am next day: Do I feel different--yes! Getting out of bed was easier this morning. I definitely feel a little lighter and cleaner, and even my head feels a little clearer. Would I do it again? I think so. Will I dramatically change my eating habits as a result? I doubt it. But I am so glad I gave it a try and I am proud of myself for following through and doing something outside of my comfort zone. I hope my experience inspires you to do the same--we have another juice cleanse coming up in June, along with our veggie challenge. Please see below for details, along with other upcoming events at the studio.

Sue E.

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  1. 5 years ago I started to juice. I lost a nice amount of weight. I felt great. Over the last 5 years my juicer has come and gone to the counter top as my weight has also come and gone. Well. I'm happy to say I am back at it and loving it even more. I'm doing the opposite. I'm doing a fruitier breakfast juice and a greener lunch juice. I'm eating a regular dinner with the family because I think the social aspect of family dinner is very important. As long as I'm home and have the juicer nearby as many meals as possible will be juice. Yummy, By the way, add apple to anything and it is delish!