Monday, May 21, 2012

Human Frustrations:

Having a passion and a belief that a certain system is true may cause frustration in our human thought processes. For we want to share and to teach, the observations we have discovered. We want to teach the ones we love, our friends and family, the ones we live with and the ones we see most often. However, we have to practice patience in this area so they do not feel like laboratory rats. We still need to let the students come to us, even when they are struggling with something the practice will help them with.  If we force, they will not learn.  This is the power of prayer and meditation of clarity. Our loved ones may find a teacher sharing the same message, so they will be more receptive and learn what we have learned from our practice. Patience and compassion is a difficult practice as a teacher, a student, and as human. We want change but change is difficult, even when change is what we want. So it has to come slow, like in the tortoise and the hare. Through our connection and surrender to God, we know where the Devine wants us to be, so slow and steady, with faith we will get there……..We will get there all together by helping one another.

Keep the faith in God, in yourself, and in the human race.

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