Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teacher Training

Our final night of teacher training. It started in January 2012 and we are down to our last weeknight and final gathering of 1000 bows on Sunday. Teacher training is always such an amazing experience, for the students but also for me as a teacher. I feel a high, a growth, an accomplishment every time it ends. Plus a sadness. Each group is so different, so unique, and I learn so much about people and non-attachement through each group. I feel this is practice of becoming a parent, one wants the best for their child. A parents wants them to learn and become their own, to grow and in doing so, we don't know where they will go or what they will do. We have faith that they will continue to grow and stay on the path of love. Well, I better go into class. I wanted to share as I feel it helps me to face the end of this, yet again, wonderful group.

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