Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Teacher Training, 1000 Bows

Today, 3 days after the 3rd time of doing 1000 bows, I feel them in my thighs. It was not the day after while camping or 2 days after teaching and doing sessions but today. Today, I remember I did 1000 bows in Englewood, NJ.
Do I love them? No. Do I hate them? No. Neither extreme can describe. I respect the practice, The practice of one continuous, repetitive motion; a humbling motion. I enjoy moving and trying to control the mind. The first time I did bows, was during my teacher training, the experience was life changing. I led the last 103 bows for a group who didn't think they could finish due to sickness of vomiting and diarrhea. My mind had doubts of being a teacher, so being able to lead this group through the mind swamp of, "I can't do this, let's stop." was empowering. It showed me I was ready to teach. The second time I was in aw as I was doing it with the teacher trainers. A group which felt like my children. I cried most of the bows with a thankful heart. This time, I was with a new group of children, but I went back to my mind to do my mantra to give the group strength and to give the studio strength.The first 300, I did a Christian prayer, giving thanks to God. The following 200, I did parts of the rosary. The second set of 500, I let my mind wonder to clean house, but it was not as dirty as the first 2 times. Now that I have been in a regular practice of teaching and doing daily meditation, I could see the benefits as the mind didn't need a complete overhaul like before, but rather a little dusting and spring cleaning.

I am thankful I am a teacher it gives me the inspiration to do a practice. I do my practice to help others, to teach, to assist them on their journey. A journey I am still on myself. We are all on this hike together, some a little higher up the mountain, and some just starting, but we all see the same rocks, stubble in the same holes, and we all can look up to see the beautiful skies and trees. We are bowing to our true selves. We are bowing to let our selves shine to one another and to live as brothers and sister in this universe.

I am glad we do this ancient ritual of bowing. I am looking forward to next April.

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