Saturday, April 14, 2012

Move your prana/qi

On Wednesday night I had a chance to take the all level with Yoshio and belly dance with Lynn. Both amazing classes and amazing teachers, glad we found each other. :)

As a yoga teacher I know and feel how Prana moves in the body from a practice, but I forget the same happens with dance. Lynn talked about how belly dance is a spiritual dance of our inner woman. We get to celebrate our womanhood. We dove in and connected to our second chakra, the chakra of sexuality. My hips moved, my arms glided in the air, my chest had a mind of its own as it went front to back. I felt free as I was able to feel the music and let the beat guide me. I found my spiritual dance and Loved it!!!! I am looking forward to the next dance. Hope you can let your Prana/qi move soon, whatever way you choose.

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