Thursday, April 7, 2011

Foundations Level 1 with Nick

Mr. Stick Figure Man can do the perfect cobra pose. It isn't because he practices daily. It isn't because he meditates daily. It isn't because he's vegan. It isn't because he spent a year living in an ashram or traveled to India to studying under a great guru. It isn't because he was blessed with some heavenly yoga talent.

It's because he is a single line drawing with no bones, muscles, joints or breath.

Luckily Nick is three dimensional so he is way better equipped at helping us deepen our practice then flat Mr. Stick Figure Man. Since Nick has bones, muscles, joints, and breathe Nick will be able to answer our many questions, help us better understand our poses through adjustments and demonstrations, and lead us further into our yoga practice.

Mr. Sick Figure Man can't do this because he wasn't drawn with a mouth.

So we may be able to look at Mr. Stick Figure Man and think, "Wow, perfect pose."

Then we can go to Foundations Level 1 with Nick and learn about the realness that is yoga!
Thanks Nick!!!!

Good luck practicing pranayama with no nose, Mr. Stick Figure Man!

Foundation Level 1
April 16th @3:30pm
Click here to sign up today!

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