Friday, March 11, 2011

Yoga for the less than serious...

I'm listening to the kids yoga class practice their breathing- there is laughing involved. There are horse sounds, bubbling sounds, lion sounds, and snorting sounds- more laughing.

As I write this they are making fun of the sanskrit words.
Pranayama has become panayami and everyone is okay with it. Still laughing.

Then they feel each others tummy for Belly Breath- giggles.

Maybe this is how yoga should be all the time. Always room for silliness. Room to make fun of the words, the poses, and, more importantly, ourselves. Not to say that we can't have a serious practice- just being mindful that we aren't taking our practice so seriously that we forget the important things.

Kids don't care about perfection- only about enjoying the moment. Next time I'm in class I'll try not to be worried about where my gaze is, wondering my shoulder will feel like doing forearm stand, or if the person next to me has a better forearm stand.

I'll just laugh at myself for thinking Pincha Mayurasana is "Pinch you in your arsana"!

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