Sunday, March 27, 2011

Milo's Words of Wisdom

Yoga is about staying cool and going with the flow.
Even when your are in the middle of practicing savasana and suddenly find yourself on top of a huge tower.

Just stay cool and go with the flow.

Even when a loud noisy sucking machine whirls around you and there is nowhere to run because you're still trying to figure out how you even got here on top of this tower. Maybe you're just that good at meditating, but then again, why couldn't you meditate yourself somewhere without towers and sucking monsters-like the bahamas.

Just stay cool and go with the flow.

Even when you realize the root of most of the difficulties in your life are caused by your own pet human who is strangely similar to Oddie even though she is not a dog.

Just stay cool and go with the flow.

At least your pet human usually has blueberry treats (yum!) and will eventually remember that you're here, hopefully saving you from having to jump.
It's cool...just flowing back to sleep...uh hem...I mean savasana.

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