Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's your Goal for 2011?

Resolutions are lame! Goals are more fathomable so these are some of the ones that we are working towards in the New Year:

Kaity- Sleep more

Sue- Get closer to God. Learn to serve God and humanity better

Sasha- Do I need one?

Faith- LOL not to eat after 9pm

Neelu- be cleaner and more organized

Charles- love my life more

Hossy- deepen the spiritual connection between myself and the divine, start healthy relationships, find success at my job, buy my own place, and get healthier through nutrition

Olga- love my daughter more everyday

Niama- SECRET!! Don't want to jinx it!

Yossi- do full hanumanasana

Nazley- I think I'm going to stop eating meat

Allen -considering teacher training...

Alyssa- think less and Do more without fear

William- win the lottery

Carol- bakasana

Nick- not get hit by a moving vehicle

Pat- Follow more closely the yoga mandates, meditate daily, NO flour, NO sugar. (What part of NO don't you understand Pat?), stop procrastinating, be kinder and more patient, be more organized

Yoshio- remain the same without a deep practice and help people love each other

We wish everyone lots of love and prosperity in the New Year. May all your goals, dreams, and resolutions find their way into reality!

Love and Life,
The Bamboomoves Team

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