Friday, December 10, 2010

Get Your Kids Their Very Own Shark for the Holidays!

Yeah I said it!
Get your kids a REAL gift- a real live shark, or polar bear, or penguin!

Oceans is an organization dedicated to ocean conservation. They believe that through education and campaigns we will once again live in a world where the oceans are filled with an abundance of life. They want dolphin sightings to be a regular occurrence and whales to go on thriving while ecosystems are restored. The ocean covers 70% of our world and needs to be recognized and appreciated as a beautiful, powerful, fascinating part of nature.

So here is where the SHARKS come in. This holiday season Oceana is offering the opportunity to adopt sea creatures ranging from sea turtles to killer whales. Let's give a gift that actual makes a difference in the world and in the imagination of our families!

Get your SHARK here!

To donate here or to other organizations that improve our lives click here or check out our homepage at

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