Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yoga Inspired Halloween Costumes

Just in case you were still looking for an amazing, humorous Halloween costume idea and might stop by for yoga after trick-or-treating....

The Bikram Choudhury

You Will Need:

  • Extremely Tiny Shorts
  • Hot Wax for Baby Smooth Chest
  • Elastics for Hair
  • Fake or Natural Tan. Your Choice
  • Gold Rolex Watch
  • Bonus: Trick Or Treat While Driving a Mercedes, BMW or Phantom

The Baron Baptiste

You Will Need:

  • A Blue Bandanna
  • Baggy T-Shirt
  • Bonus: Drench Yourself in Water for That Fresh Out of Class Look

Kundalini Master or the Snatum Kaur Look

You Will Need:

  • Pure White Clothes
  • Gold Accessories
  • White Linen for Head
  • Bonus: It is more convincing if you can smile all night long and use words like Sat Nam

The Yoga Hottie Female

What You Will Need:

  • Socks for Padding Your Bra
  • Tiny Shorts or Super Tight Pants
  • Sports Bra Preferably One Size To Small or Super Tight Shirt That Exposes 1/3 of Your Boobs
  • Bonus: Apply Glitter, Chew Gum, Wear White and then Wet it Down

Yoga Hottie

The Yoga Hottie Male

What You Will Need:

  • Tiny Shorts or any Bottoms that Hang Low Enough to Show Your Chiseled Abs
  • Hot Wax for the Chest and Legs
  • 6 Pack Abs a Plus
  • Bonus: Spontaneously Bust Into Handstand or Chaturanga Push Ups at a Random Moment


The Sanyasan Or Yoga Guru

What You Will Need:

  • A Mixture of Body Paints Red, White, Black and Gold. Ashes Can Also Be Used
  • Beard
  • Robes of Red, Gold Or White. You can also Just Wear a Sheet Around the Hips For that Just Got Back From the Himalayas Look
  • Bonus: Be High All Night and You Will Look and Sound Enlightened


Happy Halloween Everyone!

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