Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bamboomoves, the home for the first Kirtan in Queens!

It was a beautiful night with magical energy as Nina Rao, Shyama, and Ambika set up for the Kirtan. There was approximately 30 people who attended, from all over Queens-the furthest having to drive an hour and a half from Long Island. The woman's strong voices filled the air while the instruments guided the response from the audience. The Kirtan lasted well past the time it was supposed due to the energy which kept luring people in from the street and family members who decided not to come but couldn't stay away; thus with fresh new voices continuing to come in past 8:30 pm the woman were constantly invited to keep chanting. The special energy which is always created after a special event, like a Kirtan, still lingers in the studio and is pushing us to plan another Kirtan.

Stay tuned or assist in scheduling!

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