Monday, October 25, 2010

AcroYoga for Me?

Well according to Nick it was! He asked me if I wanted to fly one night after the studio had closed and without thinking I said, "Yes!" Suddenly (but with careful instruction and guidance) I was floating above the ground with trusty Nick as my only support!

If Nick had told me what he was going to do I probably wouldn't have let him, but I was happy he showed me this other way of experiencing yoga. After, I went to class with him where (also with careful instruction and guidance) I became the "base" for a man that I never would have thought I could lift by myself. That's what's cool about AcroYoga- as long as your alignment is in place you can do amazing things. It's like when you find your correct cobra or warrior pose for the first time- you just feel perfect. That is an amazing feeling!

If you're curious I would highly recommend coming to our AcroYoga workshop November 6th @3:30pm.
If you're skeptical I would highly recommend coming...
If you think you'll look ridiculous I highly recommend coming...

Like I said- It's an amazing feeling!

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