Thursday, August 19, 2010

First the green wall, now, the green roof!

I am a little late to this, but there's still time to help out!

"From August 14th to August 28th eco-consultant Atom Cianfarani of, green roof contractor/designer and co-author of Green-It-Yourself guides, will be teaching a do-it-yourself green roof system in partnership with Newmark Knight Frank and This is your opportunity to build a lightweight DIY greenroof while creating a dynamic and sustainable system on the roof of Newmark's office building 594 Broadway in NYC!

The volunteer-based implementation and maintenance of the system, along with the use of donated and re-purposed materials for construction, will provide a replicable model and make sustainable practices more accessible for individuals and larger property owners alike.

To accompany the easy to use Green-It-Yourself Green Roof Guidebook purchasable from, all stages of the project will be documented and turned into step-by-step instructional videos made available to the public across Flavorpill’s network of publications.

What you'll learn:
• The step-by-step process of both planning and building your own greenroof
• Supplies / Material sourcing information and recommendations
• Construction and installation techniques
• Growing Medium mixtures and recommended plantings
* Other sustainable practices and methods for reducing environmental impact
• How doing it yourself will save you thousands of dollars on installation

You'll also:
* Work under the instruction of green roof expert and co-author of Green-It-Yourself Guides Atom Cianfarini
• Build and install a living greenroof

Building a green roof is an incredible way to save energy, manage water run-off to prevent sewer flooding, reduce air pollution, preserve the roof’s structural integrity, create community around taking action to create change, and even get a tax abatement.

Contact for more information."

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