Tuesday, July 20, 2010


logo from Otarian website.
Last year I participated in a food focus group for a not yet opened, sustainable, healthy, fast food restaurant chain; the food was good and the concept was appealing. Fast forward a year or so... Otarian, a vegetarian restaurant chain, is now open. With two locations in New York and two in London, they are the first ever low carbon restaurant chain and almost everything in each location is made from recycled materials. They pride themselves on using as few resources as possible and strive for social sustainability as well.

Their menu consists of soups, salads, flatbreads, wraps, and desserts, all vegetarian and all delicious. The food has no meat (poultry, fish, seafood), eggs, insects, "animal bits and pieces," such as rennet or gelatin, and they have a few gluten free options.

Next time you are in Manhattan, check them out... they have a location at 154 Bleeker and one at 947 8th ave (at 56th st).

To promote healthy, conscious eating, Otarian offers the Carbon Karma card, on which you can earn points towards free menu items. To get you started on your first purchase, Flavorpill is giving away 25 $10 gift cards... enter to win here.

Veggie Challengers, mount up!

To read more about Radhika Oswal, Otarian founder, please click here.

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